Rang is a teacher's best friend

Our easy to use platform aligns classroom rewards with student interests and personalized academic goals so that teachers spend more time doing what they are uniquely qualified to do... TEACH!

Teachers are overworked and underpaid

$ 66 kAverage public school teacher salary in the US in 2022 is $66k.

National Center for Education Statistics

90 %+90%+ of teachers spend their own money on school supplies and rewards.

National Education Association

2.5 xEngaged students have 2.5x higher academic outcomes than their peers.

Gallup Education

Rang directly improves critical KPIs for schools

  • Student engagement
  • Student achievement
  • Teacher retention
  • Student attendance

All schools use incentive systems

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We want to do what works and for a lot of kids, external rewards work.

– School principal

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Incentives are a critical tool for a teacher to drive student motivation in addition to things like connectedness and mastery.

– Graduate Professor of Education

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We have to fundraise to stock our school with prizes.

– High school superintendent

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I give kids green/yellow/red cards for behavior. Some of my peers create classroom dollars. Every teacher is different.

– High school teacher

Services Rang provides

Rang works with schools to determine the best incentives and rewards for them.

  • Supply rewards
  • Identify behaviors to incent
  • Populate the store
  • Roster the students
  • Manage reward distribution
  • Results summary

Why Rang?

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Free to schools

Thanks to the support from our incredible brand partners, Rang can be FREE to teachers.

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Low lift

Rang removes the cognitive load of incentive management from the teacher's plate, requiring no manual data entry on the part of the teacher.

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Branded rewards

Rang provides a suite of external rewards to supplement the classroom store.

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Privacy is our priority

Privacy and data security is extremely important to us. All personal data is kept secure and private.

Read Rang’s privacy policy here


Yes! Thanks to the support of our incredible brand partners, Rang can be FREE for schools and teachers.

Low lift! As former teachers, we understand the value in time for planning and instruction. Many current solutions take time away from teaching and ask educators to manually log behavior data. Rang is designed to give time back to the teacher. Not the other way around.

No manual data entry! Teachers can quickly upload a spreadsheet to Rang online which rewards points to students. In the near future, Rang will integrate with the online gradebook to be zero lift!

Read Rang’s privacy policy here. Privacy and security are most important to Rang. Rang will not share PII. We are FERPA and SOPPA compliant and happy to sign an agreement with your school.

Rang can serve as an internal R&D function for the school reporting out regularly on efficacy of various incentive schemes.

Rang works with each school to identify behaviors that fit their student population. To date, we have focused primarily on attendance and grades. Importantly, Rang rewards behaviors that are equitable for all students.

Rewards can include, but not limited to, gift cards, coupons, tickets to live events, specific products, excess inventory, internships, jobs, mentor meetings, and more! Speak with a Rang representative for most up-to-date offers!

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