Reward what matters

Rang provides brands with an opportunity to reach a highly engaged digital audience in a safe and positive way.

Teachers are craving this!

All teachers double as rewards administrators and behavior managers.

Incentives accelerate effective teaching

Effect of dollar spend on test score improvement (standard deviation).1

Incentives are proven to drive student engagement

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Our results show that incentives can raise achievement among even the poorest minority students in the lowest performing schools if the incentives are given for certain inputs to the educational production function.

– Fryer, 2010

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Cash incentives in Israel improved both the number of students taking high school completion exams and student test scores, particularly when the randomization involved entire schools.

– Angrist and Lavy, 2009

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The impact of short-term incentives provided during a test day are the same as a one standard deviation increase to teacher quality, or 20% reduction in class size.

– Pizza Hut Book It! Program, 1999

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When students lack intrinsic motivation, external rewards can improve outcomes such as academic achievement and subsequent intrinsic motivation.

– Lepper, Greene, & Nisbett, 1973

Services Rang provides

Rang manages end to end distribution and reporting of branded incentives to school based users.

  • Source school users
  • Roster the users
  • Manage ongoing relationship with schools
  • Populate the store
  • Manage reward distribution
  • Results summary

Why Rang?

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Promote your brand

Reach a highly engaged digital audience in a positive way.

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Generate positive measurable impact

Publicize quantifiable educational impact generated from your incentives contribution.

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Build talent pipeline

Build talent pipeline- attract a young and diverse group of high quality talent that identify with your brand and values.

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Privacy is our priority

Privacy and data security is extremely important to us. All personal data is kept secure and private.

Read Rang’s privacy policy here


Yes! Speak with your Rang rep about this. Could include, but not limited to: discounts, tickets to live events, specific products, internships, in-person experiences, etc.

Rang has the ability to carry out fulfillment and distribution of gift cards. However, we would also be excited to work with any existing distribution partners you have.

Brands sign an engagement letter with Rang and Rang will source the school partners as well as supply your rewards through the Rang web app. Rang will manage all necessary communications with the school partners.

Not much! Rang can manage distribution and fulfillment. We’ll request one contact person to work with at the brand to streamline communication.

As former teachers and students we believe offering your gift cards and rewards will spark a new motivation among students, creating a classroom environment where all students want to learn! Success is measured by the positive change we are able to make in educational outcomes. We believe this will also have indirect benefits on teacher retention - giving teachers more time and resources to teach will result in greater job satisfaction.

Read Rang’s privacy policy here. Rang will not share any personal identifiable information. Any data Rang makes public will be in compliance with SOPPA and FERPA with school’s consent.

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1 Bettinger, E.P. (2011)